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QuizThis section related to talent contests might seem a bit odd fit in this site related to marine engineering knowledge at the first glance, but only a little reflection would show its importance.

The shipping industry is a dynamic field and hence it is very important for anyone interested in this area to keep abreast of the latest developments, not only pertaining to his or her core area of expertise, but also the maritime sector and related domains. This would lend a much wider perspective and would help to expand the horizon of knowledge.

We already have a section related to maritime shipping news which you can access from the navigation bar which covers various events and news related to the maritime industry. It has often been observed that when community participation is encouraged on a larger scale, it simultaneously leads to a cooperative environment where everyone benefits from the experiences and knowledge of other members.

It is a part of this strategy to arrange for quizzes, contests and free sweepstake contests to develop a spirit of healthy competition whereby the readers are encouraged to contribute their knowledge in the form of their rich experiences, unique and informative pictures, or perhaps just a casual piece of information they would like to share.

Of course this is just a friendly way of promoting harmony amongst our community and prizes would be distributed to the winners which are chosen depending on the type of talent contests which are conducted from time to time.

These prizes would range from direct cash prizes payable by paypal or gift vouchers for online shopping, e-books or perhaps hardcopy subscription of magazines for a limited period of time at your home address. The exact prize would be different for each of the talent contests and would be decided based on the nature and type of contest.

Just for example say that if a specific sweepstake contest deals with uploading the best piece of maritime shipping news for that month, it could possibly include a free subscription of any reputed marine hardcopy magazine for one year at your residence, irrespective of the fact wherever in the world you are located.

As this website has only been launched recently, kindly bear with us for some time and keep checking back

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