EU Crisis Threatens Bangladesh Shipping Industry

The current crisis unfolding the Brussels could see a decline in the imports to many
EU members as the crisis seems to have no solution in sight. With the threat of the euro being dissolved many south Asian countries that export textile products and shipping companies that transport the exports are braising themselves for the worst.

EU Crisis

EU Crisis

This crisis just seems to be broadening its grip as people come to terms with the effect it could have on their lively hood. Bangladesh a nation heavily dependent on exports to the EU is at an all time high as the textile and shipping industries expect to receive the full force of the blow. It goes further as more than 400,00 women  stand to lose their jobs as export and order get cancelled threatening to plunge the country’s population back in to the poverty situation they faced before the manufacturing and export market open a decade ago.

Shipping companies could easily divert their services to other producers that require the vessel but the industry and employment rates are expected to plunge if the crisis is not solved soon.

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