Italian Cruise Liner Costa Concordia Sinks

Passengers of the Costa Concordia were rudely awoken on Saturday night as the Italian cruise liner Costa Concordia ran aground and began rapidly taking on water and sinking. Of the 4000 passengers aboard most had been rescued and the latest report show 6 people had lost their lives on-board the vessel while 17 people still remain unaccounted for.

An investigation in to the accident has bee launched and the captain arrested till it is determined whether the accident was caused by human error of technical error. The accident is stirring controversy as the titanic anniversary also nears and as some survivors demand their national diplomats provide assistance during this time of difficulty.

Rescue efforts are still underway on the half submerged vessel and are expected to continue until all passages are accounted for before any other action can be taken concerning the vessels fate. The accident has once again increased the question whether technology can be relied on to avert accidents in the future.

Italian cruise liner Costa Concordia sinks

Italian cruise liner Costa Concordia sinks

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