Mariner’s Family

When the world sleeps in the bed so cozy

When it appears to others as so adventurous and rosy

Ask the Sailor’s family how they miss and feel,

Mariner Wife

Mariner Wife

For them is it so romantic or is it a bit tough deal

Just ask the little kid who misses his Dad

He would exchange him even for the best toy he had

Just see the young gal who goes to the room to cry

Even as she appears jovial and best does she try

Yet there is a hidden blessing even with such tinge

For there is a solid platform which acts as a hinge

For after a long lonely voyage when the sailor comes back

The bonds are even further strengthened, never do they go slack

For joy and sadness go hand in hand for such is the way of life

So next time you see a charming girl, who is a sailor’s wife

Just realize it is not a bed of roses but there is lot of sacrifice

Yet it’s a pride to be at high seas even with all its virtue and vice

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