Maritime Shipping News

In this section of the website, we will be providing the latest maritime shipping news and marine industry news which would include recent happenings, events and other activities. As you know the maritime industry is a huge sector with many developments which pertain to recent technical innovations, news about shipping business, job related hot listings, company take over and so forth

Very soon we would be making arrangements so that any one of you can upload his or her views and any maritime industry news which you come across which would be posted here after approval by the editor.

Future Plans

Since this section of marine news has just been started, we do not intend to subdivide it further but over a period of time, we might do so once we have ample news flowing in. This page would then be segregated into different sections such as shipping news, cruise news, dredging news, maritime industry accidents, latest marine regulations and so on.

Till the time we open this section for uploading news by any reader, you can send in your stories, suggestions and/or pictures at the contact information provided in contact us page. Some suggestions for sending in news are as follows.

If you are working as marine crew on board marine vessels, you can send in stories of some extraordinary repair works which were carried out on board. This could be accompanied by pictures and/or videos. This would also help to create a community of helpful professionals whereby the whole community gains from your experience and appreciates it.

If you are related to any other section of the maritime industry such as marine insurance, regulatory bodies, selling marine related equipment etc, you can upload information regarding latest developments and innovations in your area of operation.

There could be news related to recent mergers, ship sale, major contracts and so forth.


We will also be making a provision whereby any reader who contributes an excellent and interesting piece of information relating to maritime sector would be rewarded by featuring them on this maritime shipping news main page for one week. Apart from that check out of contests section and we will be organizing various contests, quizzes etc which would carry cash remuneration to the winners.

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