Ports Barely Operational In Libya

With the ongoing power struggle in Libya it was reported that some ports were still operating as of 4/4/2011. There has been fierce fighting between rebels and government loyalist in the country for the past few weeks and oil production has reduced to its lowest levels ever.
Libya oil pipelines are mostly undisrupted by the uprising but have run dry due to the reduced production.Oil tankers were seen loading crude oil for export. The amount of tanker was greatly reduced due to fear of attack but some were still operating. 4 oil tankers were seen loading and leaving the port but the other were reported to have left empty due to lack of oil production.

The crises has left local ship owners in crises as the violence has caused many manufacturing unit to halt production thus reducing the demand for raw material that was imported from neighboring countries. It has also affected exporters in the same way. With the uncertainty in Libya many local shipping companies are incurring huge losses due to the ongoing conflict.

Read more http://www.cnbc.com/id/41907189/Libya_Oil_Production_Outage_Exports_and_Customers

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