Surge in Russian Traffic via Hamburg

Port of Hamburg

Port of Hamburg

The country of Russia is the second and perhaps the most important trading partner for Hamburg. This data is for the containers. The port has the ability to handle about seven lakh containers. However, in 2012 the container traffic has increased by 13.3 per cent. This has ensured that the foreign trade from Europe has increased via Hamburg.

This trend is also a result of Russia’s decision to join the WTO (world trade organisation). This move of Russia has ensured that there is simplification of commercial law and the trade barriers are dismantled.

It is definitely a matter of delight that Hamburg was able to raise its share of container traffic that was coming from St Petersburg. This figure has gone up to twenty five percent. This is mainly because about twenty five percent of total traffic between Russia and Hamburg is handled via the seaport of St Petersburg. This is also called the Russia’s window to Europe.

The most important export for Russia is hard coal, paper, copper, and diesel oil. This is because Russia is very rich in natural resources. The import to Russia is mostly of meat, electrical appliances, fruit preserves, paper and motor vehicle. Making the import and export from Russia very high this is exactly why these ports are so important.

The Russians appreciate the quality of German products. There are many services that connect the Hamburg with all other ports of the world. The port of Hamburg will also be present at the Trans Russia trade that is held in Moscow.
The market experts believe that Hamburg is the only port in Russia which can give, the country a secured place in the international trade.

The country of Russia is finally agreeing to this fact and they are giving a good amount of importance to this particular port. It has been discussed about in many prominent conferences in the country. The location of Hamburg has also played a vital role in making it an important location both as an industry and as a place for logistics.

Even the foreign trading partners of Russia have started to recognize the importance of Hamburg. In the first half of 2013 itself the port of Hamburg will be marketing its member companies. It is going to become the biggest international port in the world for the strategic role that it plays in the international trade.

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