What Does the Future Hold for Libyan Shipping Companies after Gadafi?

It has been a gruesome conflict which has taken many

Libya Shipping After Gadafi

What Next For Shipping in Libya after Gadafi?

fighters lives over the past few months. The conflict had stopped the shipping industry on its tracks but some defiant aid ships were still operating in Libyan waters during the uprising and war. The situation had no letup since Gadafi and the violence continues since Gadafi was still at large and his fighter kept up the resistance till the very end.

Last week Gadafi’s convoy was corners and bombed when Gadafi tried to flee but was later gruesomely killed, but the situation in Libya since Gadafi’s death has suddenly changes overnight with the rebels moving their attention from war to the reconstruction of Libya. The nation sites on major reserves of oil and getting funds to rebuild the country should not be a problem since the oils reserves will provide the capital needed.

Shipping ports and harbors sustained some damage during the conflict but are expected to be operational before the oil fields that were damaged are repaired and begin pumping oil to the ports, shipping was badly affected in the country but prospects of flourishing marine trade in the future has seen many of the biggest shipping companies approach the interim government to secure shipping rights n the nation. The future in bright for shipping companies since the nation will be both exporting oil and gas as well a importing consumer products from other nations since production in Libya had virtually ground to a stop during the war and all these supplied will require to be imported to satisfy consumer needs.

The future hold huge potential for shipping companies in the nation since trade will yield high profits as a result of destroyed domestic manufacture and production of many consumer products during the war.

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