Marine Pollution

No doubt our mother nature provided us with all what we needed. It is very sad to know that the same nature is being destroyed by us. Mother always wants to see her child happy, but it is very sad that the same child exploits her.

marine pollutionNowadays the marine pollution or we can say the pollution of oceans is very usual. We don’t even try to improve our self.  The nature had provided us with that beauty which is away from man’s reach to create. We should put our efforts forth to minimize this problem. If the problem persists the end of all is near. The oil spills and the runoff from the agriculture lands are major cause of marine pollution. Due to polluted water the marine organisms get borne to deadly diseases and the same is taken by us in our meal. Due to which we too become prone to diseases and face with new medical problems.

The whole food web of the nature is connected to one another. marine pollutionSuppose the fish lives in polluted marine water and same is taken in by us then it has an adverse effect on our health. The tourists too don’t care, after they enjoy the sight they leave the plastic bottles and other waste on the beach. The street dogs or other animals are once again in the trouble.

Here are some basic tips to be taken to avoid the marine pollution so that the Mother Nature always feels happy. * The three R’s had become very old, but it only can be proved to be useful, as Recycle, Reuse and Reduce decreases about 20 to 30 percent of the total waste.

  • The next very thing to keep in mind is never throw the waste like plastic bottles, jars, plastic bags and rotten food on the beach because when the tide comes in ocean, the waste enters the ocean causing pollution. It is better to collect all and put in dustbins after you have enjoyed the sight.
  • Marine pollution fades the beauty of nature and results to the foul smell in the area and leading to formation of green layer on the surface of water bodies called eutrophication.  It can be minimized only if the agricultural and industrial waste entering the water bodies is reduced.
  • Being environmental friendly is the best way you can prevent the pollution of marine and can save the rich heritage of oceans. Pollution free oceans and surrounding means less diseases, fewer problems and more beautiful and attracting colors in the deep oceans.

The nature till today provided us with all that what we needed but now it’s our turn. We cannot pay the nature for all that it gave to us, but we can try our best to save our blue planet, that it is always fresh as it was earlier millions of years ago.

Don’t waste time, put your hands together to save earth and reduce the marine pollution because, “a single step taken by you leads to the journey of thousands of miles.”

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