Maritime Pollution

We will be studying about maritime pollution in this section. It has been a common observation that the advancement of technology has usually brought about degradation in environment. This observation not only applies to industrial developments on land but also to the various developments in the marine sector as well.

Rising use of ships for transportation of oil and cargo have been immensely useful for industrial growth and have benefited all concerned, yet there is a dangerous aspect related to maritime pollution which had been ignored but is receiving due attention nowadays thanks to the heightened environmental awareness not only in the regulatory bodies but the general public as well.

The marine environment plays a very important role in maintaining a balance in the overall global eco-system. Tampering with this environment without due thought, would surely result in long term drawbacks. Hence much stress is laid these days on preventing maritime pollution. Learn about water and waste management on board ships and other vessels in this article.

Strict regulations are in place in most countries and it is not easy for any ship or company to get away after causing any damage to the marine environment. Marine pollution has various forms such as accidental spillage of oil (which is unfortunate but still understandable as accidents happen in all spheres of industry) due to ship collision, grounding etc.

The incidents of deliberate pollution are more worrisome as they pertain to the mindset of the seafarers and companies. Say for example in the earlier days, all the waste oil, sewage etc were dumped into the oceans. All this is strictly prohibited these days and regulations prevent any disposal of these materials especially those such as plastics into the oceans. We will study about these regulations and other aspects of marine pollution in the relevant sections.

The picture below shows the view of the tanker ship Erika which sank off the coast of France more than a decade ago and caused heavy damage to marine life and environment. It is said that nearly seventy five thousand birds were killed. The law these days imposes heavy fines in such incidents. Yet prevention of maritime accidents is always better than cure and there should be stringent provisions for prevention of such incidents in the first place.

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