Pollution In The Oceans

Pollution is one of the most important topics that we are discussing in all international forums all across the globe. The harm that man has done to the planet is perhaps irreversible. The pollution is presence of any non-bio degradable substance in air, water and land. The pollution today spreads on land, air and even water.

pollution in the oceans

pollution in the oceans

Lots of animals are becoming extinct, the temperature of earth is increasing, and the poles are melting. If we don’t do something on an urgent basis perhaps it will be too late and we will lose everything forever. A lot has been done in the last few decades to control pollution and its effects.

Many international bodies and organizations have taken steps to ensure that pollution is controlled and kept within limits.

Pollution can be caused by smoke emitted from factories and also from the vehicle that are used to transport. These two form the major source of pollution. The pollution is now very much present even in the ocean. We have heard a lot of incidents all across the globe when there is a blast in an oil tank and the oil spills into the ocean.

This causes a huge damage to the marine life and the marine environment. Considering the number of ships that are sent on the sea and the amount of cargos and harmful substances they carry. Ships are the only way of transporting petroleum and other inflammable substances. I hope now you understand why it is so important to have regulations to control the safety of marine life and the ships on the high sea.

It is perhaps one of the most important aspects that need to be looked into when we discuss about ships and seafarers. IMO (international maritime organization has recognized the importance of this long time back and has come up with some strong measures to control pollution in the sea.

IMO has played a very vital role in setting up guidelines that ensure that ships are not spreading much pollution and the take good care of the environment. The ships take special steps to ensure that there is no oil spill especially when they are carrying inflammable substances. There are a total of fifty one treaties that the IMO has adopted so far to ensure that there are proper measures taken for marine safety.

Twenty three of these treaties are aiming at salvaging ship wrecks and removing the debris from the sea the remaining treaties are all aiming at safeguarding the marine environment. Each has a significance of its own and is equally important. They give all the small things that a shipping company and a shipping nation as a whole must do to ensure that the ships are safe and they carry the materials as per the guidelines and do the minimal damage to the environment.

These marine pollution laws have made significant changes in the marine environmental protection and thereby helped the life in ocean to thrive. The Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) is the most important body in IMO that deals with marine pollution issues. They have done their bit to ensure that shipping does the least harm to the environment. In case damage occurs in spite of all the preventive measures.

The body also has a list of recommendations for mitigating the damages. The ships throw minimal waste into the sea and the substances like plastic are banned from throwing into the sea. There are policies in place to control the discharge of sewage into the sea as it can be very harmful to the marine life.

The carbon dioxide emission into the air from the ships is also controlled by using sophisticated technology and mechanism. The ports have been provided guidelines to check the ships and ensure that they are not causing any harm to the environment when in sea.

When it comes to pollution in sea, the statistics prove that ships are the least harmful to the environment and the pollution that can be associated with other forms of transport. This is a conclusion derived from the value of good s transported to the amount of pollution created. The role of IMO cannot be underestimated. It has worked very hard with a team of experts to make this possible.

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