Ship Building

Ship and boat building began hundreds of years ago. It was prompted by the requirement of people to move across water bodies in search of resources. Initially ships and boats were built using wood. This restricted their size and strength; never the less they were used for many hundreds of years before steel ship building began.

Steel ship building The first vessel on record that was built of steel was a steamer called Servia. It set of on it maiden voyage in 1881 and was said to be capable of crossing the Atlantic in 7 days. Ships are built in a facility called a ship yard and ship builders are called ship wrights where as ship building is known as naval engineering. Boats construction is called boat building. Steel ship building began during the industrial revolution when entrepreneurs learned how to melt and shape steels. This sparked the need to build stronger vessels that could sail the seas. At first they built the frame and hull of the ship using steel and wood for the other parts and gradually as technology advance they began building the whole structure using steel.

Modern ship building. The biggest producers of ships globally are Japan, Korea, Germany, Italy, and Poland among many more. Due to the availability of skilled labor and technological advance in ship building ship construction has mushroomed as many countries bread basket.  One of the biggest ship yards in the word is the Hyundai heavy industries “Ulsan ship yard” in South Korea. And can build most ships from tankers to cargo carriers and military vessels. Other counties like china India, Japan among more also have big shipyards. China is currently building what will be the biggest ship yard in the world and will measure 460 meter long by 135 meters wide.

Modern styles of ship building. Unlike the past modern ship building has evolved. Today ships and built in sections unlike the past when ships had to be built as a single section. Sections can be prefabricated at different locations and assembled on site by bolting or welding. Most parts of the ship are prepared at different locations and only brought to the sight for assembly. The engine is also put together at a different location and only brought for assembly. Modern ships have custom built engines this means they are built specially for that ship and cannot be used on other vessels. Some military ships have nuclear power as a propulsion method and these ships are contacted using different methods to maintain secrecy.


Repair and maintenance. Repair and maintenance is also critical for the safety of the vessel and its crew. Just in the same way you take your car to the service station, ships require maintenance after some time. External parts exposed to the corrosive sea water get damaged and need replacement, for this to be done the vessel must visit a ship yard for the repairs to take place. Damage from wear & tear and accidents are other reasons ships get repaired. There are many aspects involved in ship building that we shall be discussing in detail like the paint require for ship maintenance, furniture, and installation of many gadgets on board vessels. We shall also look in to the dismantling of ships when they are decommissioned and some of the biggest ship dismantlers.

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