Meaning Of Bulkhead On A Ship

The term means partitioning, and walls used to divide a given area are referred to as bulk head. To make it easier for a common man to understand bulk heads are like the walls that divide your house to create different rooms. On ships these partitions also exist, separating different segments of the vessel.

Bulk head construction on board vessels serves many purposes as defined below:

  1. Strengthening the vessels structure
  2. Creates separate areas that can be isolated
  3. Create water tight locks on board vessel
  4. Can be used to isolate fire and constrict it

Strengthening the vessels structure

By partitioning any structure, the structure becomes stronger because more supports are installed in to the structure. These support and strengthen the long deck that is used as the roof or the cargo tanks. The longer an unsupported section of the de deck is the weaker and more susceptible to damage. The bulk heads help strengthen the ships structural integrity among other advantages

Separation of different sections

Besides strengthening the vessels structure they separate different sections of the ship. These sections can be used to carry different cargo on the same vessel. This means that a single vessel could transport defend grain on the same voyage by storing them in different compartments. This creation of different sections is done for dry cargo, liquid tankers, marine warships, and submarines too. All serving different purposes depending on the vessels designation the sections separated by bulk head will be used differently.

Water tight locks between bunk heads

An added advantage of separating and creating isolation chambers within the vessel is the possibility of sealing a section of the vessel in case the vessels hull is breached and water is being taken on board. Depending on the size of the leak the decision to totally lock the section can be taken if the ship is taking on too much water. These water tight locks could save a ship from sinking.

Isolation of fire

Since fire is a major concern on board ships these bulk head separations have proven to be effective when containing fire. By simply sealing all bulkhead doors the fire can be contained in one area thus stopping it from spreading and making it easier for the fire fighting crew to extinguish it as quick as possible. This has also made fire fighting crew and equipment easier to locate in time if distress. By installing fire detector in these bulk head sections fire location can be pine pointed in matter of minutes reducing the time used to locate the fire.

The installation of bulk head on ships has made huge difference in the way safety is viewed on board vessels since they have improve strength among other features on board vessels sailing on the high seas. With the further development in the future we shall be seeing more advances concerning ship construction which will advance with the demand of ships rising in the next decade.


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