Yachts: Luxurious Sailing Boats

 The word yacht is not something new to read. The yacht world has always been associated with luxury, style and romance. The credit for romanticizing the vessel not only goes to novels and movies but also to the vessel itself. There is something in the complete aura of the concept of yacht and yachting that attaches the words romance and luxury to it. When ever one thinks of luxurious travel and style, one thinks of the yacht world. Let us look at them in more detail:

What is a Yacht?

There is no doubt, about the fact that a yacht is a sailing vessel. It is a prestigious vessel that is used for recreational and pleasure purposes. It is with the rise of power boats and steam boats that the yacht world and yachting industry experienced an impetus and the vessels gained in popularity. These vessels vary in size from 20 feet to hundreds of feet.

Depending on the size these are classified as cruisers, mega yacht (above 100 feet in size) and super yacht (over 200 feet).

Yachts can be sailing yachts or powered by motors. Sailing yachts which are dependent on wind for their movement are suitable for shallow waters. Motor yachts are larger in size and have recreational facilities and requisite crew to facilitate a luxurious time on the vessel. Sailing yachts are a less costly option than motored vssels.

Classification of Yachts

Yachts are also classified as:

  • Day Cruiser Yacht: These are also known dinghies and often have a retractable keel. They do not have cabins and only basic amenities. These are used for only short travels and are not comfortable for overnight journeys.
  • Weekender Yacht: These are larger in size than the day yachts. These are suitable for shallow waters. These often have twin keels or lifting keels and are single-masted “Bermuda sloops”. In the name of luxury these do not offer much but often have a cabin or two with basic appliances. A journey of two to three days can be comfortably undertaken in these.
  • Cruising Yacht: These are the most commonly used. These vessels are more benevolent when it comes to offering luxuries. There are a number of manufacturers providing luxurious cruising yachts. Providing more luxuries means that there needs to be more space meaning that these are large vessels. These vessels are high on performance and complex in designs.
  • Luxury Yacht: These yachts are the most luxuries of all the types and provide every day amenities like air conditioning, television etc.


For constructing yachts, fiberglass has replaced wood which was used for constructing traditional yachts. It is combined with aluminum and titanium. Use of these materials has brought down the costs of construction. Today even the most basic vessel has electric lightning, navigation aids and GPS. Bigger yachts may use wind, electric and water energy to meet the energy demands of the vessel.

Yachts are also referred to as a toy of the rich. The five most expensive yachts of the yacht world are the following:

Eclipse: The most expensive yacht belongs to Abramovich, a Roman. The billionaire is owner of Chelsea soccer club. The 560 feet long vessel requires a crew of 70 on any day. Two helicopters, three boats and submarines, missile detection system all are housed on the luxurious monster estimated at over 1.2 billion dollars. (please see picture at bottom of this page)

Dubai: The yacht was also been known as Golden Star and Platinum. It is valued at $350 million.

Lady Moura: The Lady Moura is owned by Nasser Al Rashid, a billionaire. The remarkable feature of this yacht is its beach resort with palm trees.

Rising Sun: The yacht was made with the objective of outdoing the Octopus. Valued at $200 million, it belongs to Oracle’s Larry Ellison and David Geffen. Jacuzzi bath, gymnasium, are some of the luxuries on this yacht

Octopus: It is again valued at $200 million and belongs to Paul Allen, cofounder of Microsoft.

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