Magnetic Anomaly in the Gulf of Aden - Real or Not

Gulf Of Aden: The Magnetic Anomaly

There are many mysteries that exist on earth. Today we are going to discuss one such mystery that is the magnetic anomaly in the Gulf of Aden. It can be explained by science as to how it happened and why the properties are so different. Some [...]
Deep ocean engineering

Deep Ocean Engineering

Almost seventy percent of earth is water we all are aware of that. A major part of this water is oceans that are thousand feet deep. There is a different world that exists in these oceans. These are interesting to know and explore. Apart from [...]

What Is A Deep Ocean Trench?

The deep ocean trench is generally three to four kilometers deep. The deepest ocean trench is the challenger deep of the marina trench. It is about thirty five thousand feet below the sea level. The depth of an ocean trench can depend on [...]