Maritime Law Information

This section deals with maritime law information and the various facets of marine regulations as applicable to ships, shipping companies and so on. We know that regulations are necessary for any activity if control and welfare of the personnel [...]

Ship Garbage Management: IMO Regulations

In this post we are giving some basic tips about garbage management on ships. Garbage is not only a huge problem on land but in the oceans as well. Gone are the days when you could dump everything and anything in the sea. Nowadays garbage disposal [...]
Day of the Seafarer

Day Of The Seafarer 2013

As we approach the “Day of The Seafarer” once again, I am reminded of all the excitement we had in our team during the Seafarers Day 2012 when we collaborated with Karine Langlois to contribute our 2 cents to the massive online campaign [...]

Navigation Rules Of The Road

The ROR or the navigation rules of the road are the signs that the mariners need to study and understand in order to have a smooth sail. They are trained in these concepts. We will now discuss the navigation rules of the road in more details. The [...]

Maritime Piracy Statistics

Piracy and robbery at the sea is a common phenomenon that the shipping industry all over the world has to face. The pirates are a group of people who wait for a chance to rob or steal articles form a ship. They also take hostages and demand [...]
Filipino Seafarers

Filipino Seafarers

Filipino seafarers are the seafarers from the beautiful country of Philippines. They can be anything from seafarers to sailors to even seamen. This is a general term that they use for all. In this article about Filipino seafarers we will discuss [...]

Basic STCW Courses

STCW stands for standards of training certification and watch keeping. This is a training that is said to be compulsory for both the new as well as the existing mariners. It is a comprehensive course that prepares one for a great future in [...]

Preventing Collisions at Sea

Collisions in the high sea are very common. Some are minor and some are absolutely devastating. We are now going to discuss a little about this. Very less has been written about these. However, the matter is a serious one. Lots of lives and [...]

Role of IMO in Sea Trade and Welfare of Seafarers

IMO stands for International maritime organization. It is a body that helps to protect and safeguard the sailors and others who work on high seas. Ships were originally used for trading. Even today not much has changed almost ninety precept of [...]

A Brief on IMO

IMO is also known as the International Maritime organization. It is a specialized agency that was started by the United Nations organisation with the sole intention of better protection being provided to the ships and prevention of marine [...]