INS Sindhurakshak

Pre-Independence Day Mishap: INS Sindhurakshak Goes Down

On the eve of the Independence Day when India is all geared up to celebrate this great moment, a disaster occurred in the armed forces as one of the submarines of the Indian Navy mysteriously caught fire through an explosion and sank while it [...]
How Does A Submarine Work

How Does A Submarine Work?

Submarine means something that can go deep into the water even to a level where good divers cannot dream of going. We will now discuss all about submarines and how does a submarine work? Submarines are huge vessels that can go deep into the [...]

Submarine Sailors

Considered to be one of the most stressful jobs in the world, submarine sailors face many challenges during service. Many people consider being in marine service being a challenging job but this job beats most of them. Cooped under water for [...]