Bulk Carrier Oils

Bulk carrier oils are some of the most important marine vessels that sail the high sea today, many would associate these vessels to carry crude oil but they are many different products they carry that we use on a daily basis. There are many different oils that are transported overseas in bulk as raw material for the manufacture of cooking oil or fat soap and many other consumer products on a daily basis.

Bulk Carrier Oils

bulk carrier palm oil

Bulk oil carriers are in demand around the world and each vessel specializes in transporting one product, these specialization bulk oil carriers one of the most demanded marine vessels globally. Since these vessels are specially built to transport specific oil in bulk they have to be specially built to preserve the oil n good condition during the voyages that may last from a week to three. Even at the facile fuel loading bays each vessel is specified with the crude oil it should carry with some caring light brunt crude oil and other carrying the thicker crudes oils. This is specifically done because of the on board pulps that are used to pump crude out, each vessel has a collaborated set of pumps that is adjusted only to pump certain viscosity and thicker or thinner oil may damage the pumps or heating systems that are used to maintain the crude in liquid form for easier pumping when loading and offloading.

Bulk carrier oils such as bitumen are very thick and in huge demand around the world since it are used to pave roads that we use on a daily basis to travel on. This type of oil products are difficult to work with and are only confined to carrying bitumen since the oil product is stick and difficult to wash off the ship tanks and if other oil products are loaded in to the tank the remaining bitumen dissolves and contaminated the crude.

Asian countries have a product that many would not expect would require a specialized bulk oil carrier fleet to export, palm oil is used to make vegetable fat and soap in many countries and the palm oil. Palm is the main raw material that is used to extract the oil where as the pulp is used to make soap and other products. These vessels are also confined to carrying only one product since zero contamination is the only way forward if the vessel owner expects to get future business for his vessels.

Specialized bulk carrier oils are vessel that are ordered from the ship yards with one purpose in mind and few are produced annually to replace the ones that have been retired. Bulk oil carriers fall in to different categories but one thing remains clear “their purpose is clear before production” thus making them very demanded bulk oil carriers that many manufacturers are more than willing to hire to transport the raw materials in the best possible condition.

Specialized bulk oil carriers play a major part in industry but few details are publicly displayed compared to vessels that carry products like crude oil LPG yet these vessels may be supplying products more essential or more commonly used than petroleum products in many homes around the world. Bulk carrier oils are important vessels and many are more important to the common man than huge vessels that everybody knows about.

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