Dry Bulk Carrier

Mostly confused for ordinary ships the dry bulk carrier is a specialized vessels that few ordinary civilians know about. The vessel is designed for transporting dry materials that could range from food grain to coal and other minerals or fertilizer. There is no limitation to the dry cargo that can be transport but there are constrictions to what a vessel could carry as discussed below.

Dry Bulk Carrier

Dry Bulk Carrier

There are limitations towards what cargo each vessel can and this is strictly followed to avid and form of contamination of the cargo on board. Food products are obviously not to be contaminated but limitation runs further that just food or grain. This is not realized by many people not involved in shipping but that are many elements or minerals that cannot be mixed with other minerals or elements previously transported and would react violently.


To avoid these problems in advance research is conducted on different elements to determine their level of hazardous towards both the cargo and vessel. Mostly a dry bulk carrier will avoid changing cargo often and prefer to secure long term contracts with cargo manufactures or consumers thus keeping the product being transported fairly the same. This is a common trend and many dry bulk carriers have intended contracts with shipping agents well in advance before they are ordered from the ship yard.


dry bulk carrier that belong to smaller private companies may indulge in exchanges or different cargo shipping but they require to thoroughly clean the vessel before hand to make sure the dry cargo does not get contaminated. Coal, fertilizer and other mineral carriers cannot carry edible food products and are always limited to transporting the same category of cargo, and those that are licenses to carry food rarely change cargo shipping rights since food is always a products that is required around the world and during times of famine causes the sudden spike in shipping prices as food requirements increase in other nations.


A dry bulk carrier plays a major part in many international trade, supply and distribution of consumer products around the world and the demand for these vessels in increasing as the world population surpasses 7 billion. The future is expected to see many more vessels developed to transport cargo to satisfy those people, the problem that faced with such a rapid growth in population with concern of shipping in not the supply or manufacture of dry bulk carrier vessels but it is weather the world population will be able to sustain itself to produce the food or spare any natural resources to be transported.


This rapid population growth threatens even the shipping industry since the dry bulk carrier will require cargo to be able to distribute and this cargo seems to be reducing on a annual basis. The problem seems to be with modern tendency were people think the farming may be backward and the industry is noting a considerable amount to reduced production around the world yet people don’t realize that food would be the primary requirement for survival and not other manufactures products that may look or make life easier. The dry bulk carrier industry remains optimistic for the future but shipping in expected to slow down if future if food production does not improve around the world.

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