Types Of Sailing Ships

There are various types of ships that sail in the oceans. We will now discuss a few of them. This will help you to understand the types of ships and how they are used. I hope after reading this article you will have a fair idea about the type of the ships that sail. We will now discuss the types of sailing ships in more detail.

The first that we are going to discuss is the dry cargo ship. It is a type of ship that carries cargo and other materials from one port to another. This is a very common ship in the merchant navy. They play a vital role in the international trade. They are equipped with cranes and so they can pick up heavy loads. They can also unload goods easily. They can be of various sizes. They generally carry dry goods like coal, rubber, etc.

Bulk Carriers

Bulk Carriers

The next in the list of the types of sailing ships is the bulk carriers. They carry bulk cargo items. Coal, cement, grain, etc is carried in these ships. They are generally very huge in size. They are designed so that they can load cargo in bulk and also unload the cargo easily.

The third in the list of the types of sailing ships in merchant navy is the container ships. These

container ships

Container Ships

types of ships are used to carry commercial goods like cars, etc. They are huge containers that can be placed on these ships and can also be removed using cranes and other machines.

The tankers are a very popular type of sailing ships that are use in merchant navy. These

Tanker Ship

Tanker Ship

tankers are designed to carry liquid goods. This is exactly why they carry water, petroleum, and other type of chemicals. These are very commonly used in international trade. This is because without petroleum it is impossible to imagine the world. Some of the tankers also carry fresh water and wine. Very few are aware of this but there are many countries in the world who need to buy fresh water from other countries as they don’t have enough fresh water in their country. Wine is transported to those countries that have consumers but don’t have the facilities to make high quality wine.

This must be noted that the tankers that are used to transport wine and petroleum must have some differences. These are the differences that we are going to discuss now. There are some super tankers that are used to transport oil. This is because these tankers are very huge in size. These tankers are also used to supply oil. These tankers in the past have met with many accidents and led to oil spill. The wine and fresh water tankers are a little smaller in size. They are regularly maintained as they carry things that are edible in nature. They are very hygienic and have high quality standards.

The specialized ships are the next in the list of the various types of sailing ships. As the name itself suggest these ships are used to carry specialised goods. They carry refrigerated cargo and they also carry heavy lift goods. They transport roll on and roll off cargos. They are not very well developed. They are used to carry cars too. In case of cars they are developed better. They can carry six to nine thousand units. They don’t travel for very long distances. They are generally used to repair ships that have broken down in the middle of the sea. This is exactly why these ships are not very y well known.

The coasters are a type of sailing ships that you must have heard and seen. These are small hulled ships. The shallow hull of these ships ensures that these ships are a good option to trade between locations that are on the same island or continent. The shallow hull ensures that these ships can easily pass through creeks and reefs that other sea vessels cannot. They can carry a limited amount of good only as they are small in size. Nevertheless, they prove very useful.

Passenger ships as the name itself suggests these are the type of sailing ships that primarily carry passengers. There are many types and sizes of ships that can come under this category. Some are small. Some are big. Some have lot of luxuries some just have seating arrangements. They can also carry cargo and sometime even vehicles. They can either be for very short distances or for long distances.

Cruise ships

Cruise ships

Cruise ships are also a type of passenger ships. However, these types of sailing ships are always associated with luxury and tourism. These are used to transport tourists to the various countries. They are very common in top holiday destinations like Europe and Australia. The cruise ships are expensive and the tourists are given personalised services by the well trained crew members. Its just like a five star hotel at the sea.

Other very common types of sailing ships are the ferries. These are small ships. They have a limited capacity. They can carry people from one port to another. They can also carry vehicles and small trade items. They are mostly used within a local area. In some parts of the world they are used as public transport. This is exactly why they are also called water taxi.

I hope we have given a good explanation about the types of sailing ships. These are the most commonly found types. There may be some more that are used. However, we have basically tried to cover those which are more commonly used.

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