Types of Sailing Ships

Actually at the very outset, the title – types of sailing ships, may not seem quite versatile to be covered as a separate section on this website. Yet a little reflection would be sufficient to convince that there are so many types of floating vessels that it is not an exaggeration if we dedicate and entire Tier II page for this.

Despite of the title this section covers not only the various types of sailing ships which are used, or had been used in the past; but covers all types of watercrafts and these would include but not limited to ships, boats, naval vessels, submarines, to name a few.

New links will get added to this page as we upload more content. For the time being these are the type of ships, or rather the types of watercrafts that have been written upon as yet.

Tanker ships

Livestock carriers

Introduction to Yacht World

FPSO Vessels

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